Ringsmuth for Mayor


November 9, 2018

Contact: Andrew J. Ringsmuth

Candidate for the office of Mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska



Andy Ringsmuth announces campaign for Mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska

Longtime Lincoln resident and former Congressional and school board candidate Andy Ringsmuth seeks to serve Lincolnites as mayor of our great city.

In an environment of increasing political disagreements and outright hostility, Ringsmuth will run with no political affiliation. He has been registered as “no party” for more than 10 years. With no support from any political party, Ringsmuth acknowledges that will make for a challenging campaign.

“I am beholden to no one, and to no party ideology,” he said. “We all have ideas from across the political spectrum. Those ideas, and all people who hold them, should be respected and not denigrated.”

If elected, Ringsmuth will focus on the city’s budget, with an aim towards balancing needs with tax relief.

“I will examine every single line in the budget,” he said. “Whether it’s a $5 item or a $500,000 item, every line must be examined and thoughtfully considered with adjustments if that benefits our taxpayers. If elected, I pledge to every citizen that no tax or fee will increase under my watch and in no case will I ever sue anyone to raise taxes.”

Thomas Jefferson is typically credited with saying “That government is best which governs least.” Ringsmuth also recalls his father often saying with a smile “Government was invented because people didn’t like what their neighbor was doing.”

“My goal as mayor will be to balance those philosophies,” he said.

Ringsmuth, a husband and father of two, has been employed more than 20 years as manager facilities, technology and travel for News Link, a Lincoln-based publishing company.


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